and artisanal

We make ice cream a complete experience. We manufacture cones, wafer baskets and wafer rolls: the ideal complement for the sweetest moment.

The crunchy side
of your ice cream.

We make ice cream
a crunchy, sweet
and unique experience.

With you from 1955 ➳

Perhaps you did not know, but
we have been with you forever

Since 1955 we have been loyal to our purpose: manufacturing wafers for ice cream. We stand by our artisanal origins to manufacture, on a large scale, cones, wafer baskets, wafers and products like those cornets that are waiting for you at your favourite ice-cream shop, or that ice-cream slice that has been with you since childhood.

Experience ice cream
with its best complement.

Are you a professional?

If you are also a professional in the world of ice cream and you want us to manufacture together sweet and unique experiences, contact us.

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help you?

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